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Exersice 1 Skill 2 Structure and Written Expression

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Exersice 1 Skill 2
 1.The _______ during an earthquake are caused by seismic waves
    a. actually vibrate
    b. actual vibrations
    c. vibrations happen
    d. from the actual vibration

2.__________ alcoholism are the slow destruction of the liver and possible death.
    a. Dangerously
    b. The eventual effect of
    c. The long term effect of
    d. Chronic and eventual

3. ________ , one of the most famous president, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
    a. For Abraham Lincoln
    b. Abraham Lincoln was
    c. Of all the presidents
    d. Abraham Lincoln

4. The great Plains in the Midwest of the United States ___________ a rich, fertile farming area.
    a. definitely making
    b. from the beginning
    c. the pioneers planted
    d. makes up

5. It could even be termed __________ a retrograde step in human culture
    a. about
    b. as
    c. above
    d. againts

6. We now depend _______ artificial flavoring to make a fish taste like a fish.
    a. upon
    b. toward
    c. beside
    d. below

7. All theoretical classes are followed _______ practical sessions.
    a. with
    b. without
    c. by
    d. through

8.Learning through experience can also be more affective than learning ___________ books
    a. with
    b. withoout
    c. by
    d. through

9.What I want to ask him is that how people __________ an era full of violence.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. from

10. I really want to stand ______ him, touch him, and perceive his strenght.
    a. besides
    b. beside
    c. between
    d. inside
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