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Exercise 1 Skill 1 Structure and Written Expression

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Exercise 1 Skill 1 
1.John Butterfield ____________ the Southern Overland Mail Company with two stagecoaches in 1858.
      a.he set up
      b.setting up
      c.set up
      d.the setup

2.By 1870, over 30 “nations” ____________ their own postage stamps.
      a.the issue
      b.were issuing
      d.they issued

3.In a triathalon, the _________, bike, and run.
     a.ahlete swims
     b.athlete swim
     c.swim athletically
     d.the swimming athlete

4._________ runs parallel to the coast of California for more than 600 miles.
    a.The San Andreas Fault is long
    b.On the San Andreas Fault
    c.The San Andreas Fault
    d.Along the San Andreas Fault

5.With his brother __________ went to my house
6.________ is one of the oldest enginering schools in the USA.
    a.Columbia Engineeers
    b.Columbia Engineerings
    c.Columbia Engineering
    d.Columbia University’s

7.The analysis, interpretation and appreciation of the many aspect of American literature __________ throughout the course. emphasized
    b.are emphasized
    d.have emphasized

8.You _____________ a concerned citizen.

9.Your next assignment _____ two works from different periods.
    a.were recently been delivered
    b.are recently been delivered
    c.have recently been delivered
    d.has recently been delivered

10.Decide which appeal ___________ most effective given your target audience.
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