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Exercise 1 Skill 3 Structure and Written Expression

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Exercise 1 Skill 3
1. During the Middle Ages, __________ large sets of bells with as many as 70 bells, first became popular.
    a. with carillons
    b. carillons are
    c. carrillons have
    d. carrillons

2. __________ , an author probably most famous for his tales of terror, also dabbled in some science fiction.
    a. To Edgar Allen Poe
    b. Edgar Allen Poe
    c. Edgar Allen Poe was
    d. For Edgar Allen Poe to be

3. Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign to keep young people from using drugs, _______
    a. annually in October
    b. annually in October each year
    c. takes place annually in October
    d. taking place annually in October

4. The _______ , the first daily newspaper in the United States, first appeared in 1783.
    a. two-page Pennsylvania Evening Post
    b. Pennsylvania Evening Post is two pages long
    c. Pennsylvania Evening Post was
    d. two-page Pennsylvania Evening Post’s

5. _________ , Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
    a. Excellent speed and running ability
    b. The outstanding track athlete suns
    c. An outstanding track athlete
    d. He had excellent speed and running ability.

6. ________ , Steve called me twice but I was not in
    a. Because he
    b. Later
    c. This morning
    d. My brother

7. The insect, ________ bit my brother’s armlast night.
    a. a big spider with hairy legs
    b. it is a big spider with hairy legs
    c. a big spider which with hairylegs
    d. which is a big hairy-legged spider

8. Mary Garden, _________ the early 1900’s, was considered one of the best singing actresses of her time.
    a. a soprano was popular
    b. in a popular soprano
    c. was a popular soprano
    d. a popular soprano in
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