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Exercise 1 Skill 4 Structure and Written Expression

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Exercise 1 Skill 4
 1. The radiation piercing the atmosphere ________ of tanning or burning in humans.
    a. it is the cause
    b. causing it
    c. is the cause
    d. the cause

2. Humans living at high elevations _________ to the lower level of oxygen in the air by producing more red blood corpuscles.
    a. adjust
    b. to adjust
    c. the adjustment
    d. adjusting

3. On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln, speaking from notes on an old ________ the famous Gettysburg Adress in only two minutes time.
    a. gave the envelope
    b. envelope giving
    c. envelope, gave
    d. gift of an envelope

4. Thomas Jefferson, _________ a personally designed and constructed lap-top desk, wrote the Declaration of Independence in the summer of 1776.
    a. he used
    b. had used
    c. the use of
    d. using

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