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Exercise 1 Skill 5 Structure and Written Expression

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Exercise 1 Skill 5
 1. The tea plant, an evergreen shrub pruned to three to five feet high, __________ mild, semitropical climate in which to grow.
    a. the need for               b. it needs             c. to need                    d. needs a

2. The Statue of Liberty, completed in Paris in 1884, _________ in New York Harbor in 1886.
    a. the unveiling             b. to unveil             c. it unveiled              d. was unveiled

3. The Mayflower Compact, signed by the Pilgrims upon their arrival in Massachusetts in 1620, __________ their political and religious beliefs..
    a. the statement of         b. stating              c. with a statement of     d. stated

4. The society has ___________ its strenght to sponsor higher education.
    a. improve for                      b. improved                 c. to improve               d. improvement

5. In general this new way of preparing food __________ those who are concerned about their daily meals.
    a. have helped            b. has helped                      c. had helped                    d. have been helping

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