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Teaching and Learning of Writing (S1 Thesis)

Penulis : citrapriski on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 | 5:30 PM

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  1. Improving students ability in writing descriptive text using clustering technique Detail
  2. The Effectiveness of Collaborative Writing Method to teach Writing Skill viewed from Students' Creativity Detail
  3. Optimizing the use of Youtube Videos to Improve Students' Writing Skill (A Classroom Action Research at the Second of SMP Negeri 1 Juwiring, Klaten Detail
  4. The error analysis of students' descriptive writing (a case study at the second grade students of SMAN 1 Rumpin Bogor, academic year 2009-2010) Detail
  5. An error identification on students paragraph writing Detail
  6. An Analysis student' error in english writing at the 9th year students of SMP Islam Al-Ikhlas Cipete, Jakarta Selatan Detail
  7. An Analysis of the students error in writing compound sentence : a case study with third year students of MA al-hikmah Jakrta academic year 2006/2007 Detail
  8. Using mind mapping in teaching descriptive writing : an experimental study at the first grade of private junior high school riyadlul jannah bogor Detail
  9. Using Pictures And Guided Questions in Teaching Descriptive Writing At The ODD Semester Of Viii Grade Students At SMPN 111 Jakarta Detail
  10. Teaching writing through story telling technique by using pictures Detail
  11. Developing student's writing ability of descritive text through clustering technique : a case action reserch at the first grade of smpn 38 bekasi Detail
  12. Improving student's writing through collaborative learning: a classroom action reseach for grade IX of SMP Labschool Kebyoran Jakarta Detail
  13. Using clustering technique to improve students' writing of recount tex (a classroom action research at SMPN 2 Tarumajaya, Bekasi) Detail
  14. Improving students' ability in writing recount text by using mind-mapping technique ( A Classroom action research in the 8.2 Class of SMPN 2 Kota Tangerang Selatan) Detail
  15. The effectiveness of clustering technique in teaching writing of narrative text at the tenth grade students of SMA PGRI 56 Ciputat Detail
  16. Improving students' writing ability through clustering technique (A classroom action research in the second year of SMP al-hasra Bojongsari- Depok) Detail
  17. Improving student's ability in writing reconunt text through picture sequences: a classroom action research at X grade MA Darul Ma'arif Cipete Detail
  18. Improving students' writing skill of descriptive text through guided questions Detail
  19. Using jigsaw technique to improve students' narrative writing Detail
  20. Improving Students' Writing Skill using a four phase Technique Detail
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