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Storytelling Sources

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  1. Classroom Tales; Using Storytelling to Build Emotional, Social And Academic Skills Across the Primary Curriculum-Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Jennifer M. Fox Eades, 2006
  2. Conversational Narrative; Storytelling in Everyday Talk (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, Neal R. Norrick, 2000
  3. Improving Your Storytelling; Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work and Play, August House, Doug Lipman, 2005
  4. Leading and Learning; Effective School Leadership Through Reflective Storytelling and Inquiry, Fred Steven Brill, 2008
  5. Learning Through Storytelling in Higher Education; Using Reflection and Experience to Improve Learning, Maxine Alterio, 2003
  6. Speaking Out; Storytelling and Creative Drama for Children, Jack Zipes, 2004
  7. Speaking out; storytelling for social change, Left Coast Press, Linde Zingaro, 2009
  8. Storytelling and Imagination-Taylor & Francis, Rob Parkinson, 2010
  9. Storytelling in the Classroom; Enhancing Traditional Oral Skills for Teachers and Pupil, Sage Publications Ltd, Alison Davies, 2007
  10. Storytelling, 3 Sub edition, Ellin Greene, 1996
  11. Storytelling, Heinemann,  Juan Jesús Zaro, Sagrario Salaberri, 1997
  12. Storytelling; Heinemann, Juan Jesus Zaro, Sagrario Salaberri, 1997
  13. Super Simple Storytelling; A Can-Do Guide for Every Classroom, Every Day-Libraries Unlimited, Kendall Haven, 2000 
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