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Storytelling as teaching and learning strategy (S1 Skripsi & S2 Thesis)

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  1. S1 Teaching listening through storytelling: A Case Study in the First Year Class Junior High School of Paramarta, Jombang Detail
  2. S1 Improving Students' Speaking Proficiency Through Paired Storytelling; A Classroom Action Researh at the Eleventh Grade Students of SMK Bhinneka Karya in the Academic Year 2008/2009 Detail
  3. S1 The Power of Storytelling Detail
  4. S1 Using Digital Storytelling in the English Language Classroom Detail
  5. S2 An Analysis of The Effectiveness of Storytelling with Adult Learners in Supervisory Management Detail
  6. S2 Oral Stroytelling and Student Learning Once Upon a Classroom, Hilary Dawn Munn, 1999 Detail
  7. S2 Storytelling as a Teaching Strategy in the English Language Classroom in Iceland Detail
  8. S2 Digital Strorytelling in Second Language Learning; A Qualitative Study on Students' reflections on potentials for learning Detail
  9. S2 Storytelling -in our mids and in the Classroom; A Narratological and Didactic Analysis of Sherman Alexie's Detail
  10. S2 Developing creativity and problem solving through storytelling for preschool children Detail
  11. S2 A case study to evaluate the effectiveness of digital storytelling as a narrative writing tool Detail 
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