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Euphemism S1 Thesis Sociolinguistics

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What is euphemism?

Euphemism is used to express a mild, indirect, or vague term to substitute for a harsh, blunt, or offensive term. Euphemism is often contrasted with dysphemism. Some euphemisms intend to amuse, while others intend to give positive appearances to negative events or even mislead entirely.


These are examples of euphemism:
  • Going to the other side for death,
  • Do it or come together in reference to a sexual act.
  • Passed away for die.
  • On the streets for homeless.
  • Adult entertainment for pornography.
  • Comfort woman for prostitute
  • Between jobs for unemployed.
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  1. A Study of Euphemism Found in Political Articles in the National Section of The Jakarta Post Detail
  2. Euphemism used in Political Articles in Detail
  3. Euphemism Used in World View Section of Newsweek Magazine Detail
  4. Analyzing Euphemism Used in The Jakarta Post Detail
  5. A Sociolinguistic study on tag questions, taboo words and euphemisms employed by she-males in Surabaya Detail

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