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Dysphemism S1 Thesis Sociolinguistics

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Dysphemism is the use of a harsh, more offensive word instead of one considered less harsh. Dysphemism is often contrasted with euphemism. Dysphemisms are generally used to shock or offend.


These are examples of dysphemism:

  • Snail mail for postal mail,
  • Cancer stick in reference to a cigarette.
  • Egghead for genius.
  • Worm food for dead.
  • Pig for policeman.
  • Bullshit for lies.
  • Dead tree edition for the paper version of a publication that can be found online
  • Fag for homosexual man.
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  1. Dysphemism Used in "Hostel II” Movie Detail
  2. Dysphemism Used in Green Day’s and Slipknot’s Lyrics Detail
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