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How To Become A Can Do Thinker

Penulis : citrapriski on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 | 6:24 AM

Everyone wants to be a can do thinker, but too many people have a mindset that's limiting them because they think things are not possible. The good news is that everyone can work on it and become a can do thinker if you really want it.

Understand that everything starts with a can do mindset

You have to think anyway, so why not think big? - Donald Trump

To become a can do thinker, you have to understand that everything starts with a can do mindset. The big difference between people who do big things and those who don't is their mindset. Most people are limited by the limitations they have in their current mindset.
How great is it to believe that everything is possible, also when nobody have ever done it before? In a world where people are flying to the moon and students build multi-billion dollar companies within a few years, everything is possible as far as you can imagine it.

Be Fearless

When you feel fear, list your fears out. Fire? Darkness? A negative review? Write down the reasons why you should NOT be afraid of your fears. Is the risk really as big as you think it was? You have to take risks to reach your goals and dreams.
As long as risk and opportunity are balanced, just follow your heart and the opportunity. Life is too short to let opportunities go because of fear. Picking up new opportunities makes life much more challenging and inspiring.

Use the power of Imagination

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. - Albert Einstein
The power of imagination is underestimated. As far as you can imagine, almost everything is possible. Start to imagine how beautiful and great it will be when something is realized and done. Can you imagine how people will react to it, how happy your clients will be and how it will affect your days and life? Start with the end goal in your mind.
When you can imagine how things will be once you've realized something, everything else is just a challenge. You really WANT and HAVE to realize it. Because that's no discussion any more, you start looking to ways HOW it can be done. If you are only focusing on HOW it can be done and not on IF it can be done, you'll surprise yourself with your creativity and you'll find ways to get it done for sure.

Ask yourself HOW it can be done, not IF it can be done

Once you've used the power of imagination, you've the end goal in mind and start looking how things can be done. If you can't answer that question directly, don't accept asking yourself the question IF it can be done, because you don't have the answers directly.
Stay focused on the end goal and keep looking to ways how it can be done. How have others done it? How much money do I need? How can we make the first steps and get it started? How can I use the passion and knowledge of other people to reach my goals?
Once you've answered the question how you can use the passion and knowledge of other people to reach your goals, you can also ask yourself the question WHO can help you to reach your goals. The WHO can also help you by finding out HOW things can be done.

Stop thinking and talking about things you can't control

There are always things you can't control. It doesn't make a difference to think and talk about that, because it is a fact. Everybody in the world has to deal with things they can't control. The difference is that can do people accept these things and keep working on the things they can influence.

Stay focused on opportunities

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. - Winston Churchill
Focus yourself on opportunities. Keep looking how things can be done better and faster and take the initiative to improve it. You'll start seeing how much impact you can have.
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