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Speech Act Sources

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  1. Approaches to Discourse Particles by Kerstin Fischer 2006
  2. Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics Second Edition Concise Encyclopedias of Language and Linguistics by Jacob L.Mey 2009
  3. Context and Contexts Parts Meet Whole Pragmatics and Beyond by Anita Fetzer and Etsuko Oishi 2011
  4. Conversation Analysis & Discourse Analysisis A Comparative and Critical Introduction by Robin Wooffitt 2005
  5. Discourse of Course An overview of research in discourse studies by Jan Renkema 2009
  6. Doing Pragmatics by Peter Grundy 2000
  7. Embedded Speech Act, Manfred Krifka
  8. Essays in Speech Act Theory Pragmatics & Beyond New Series Daniel Vanderveken, Susumu Kubo, Daniel Vanderkeven 2001
  9. Expression and Meaning Studies in the Theory of Speech Acts by John R.Searle 1999
  10. Expression and Meaning Studies in the Theory of Speech Acts John R. Searle 1979
  11. Foundations of Pragmatics by Wolfram Bublitz, Neal R.Norrick 2011
  12. Foundations of Speech Act Theory; Philosophical and Linguistic Perspectives  -Routledge, Taylor & Francis, Savas L. Tsohatzidis, 1994
  13. Handbook of Pragmatics Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics by Laurence R.Horn and Gregory Ward 2006
  14. How to Study Linguistics A Guide to Understanding Language second Edition by Geoffrey Finch 2003
  15. Insensitive Semantics; A Defense of Semantic Minimalism and Speech Act Pluralism Wiley, Blackwell, Herman Cappelen, Ernest Lepore, 2005
  16. Interlanguage Pragmatic Development The Study Abroad Context by Gila A.Schauer 2009
  17. Introducing Semantics Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics by Nick Riemer 2010
  18. Modeling Intention in Email; Speech Acts, Information Leaks and Recommendation Models-Springer, Vitor R. Carvalho, 2011
  19. Pragmatics Oxford Introductions to Language Study by George Yule 1996
  20. Pragmatics; Summary
  21. Renewing Meaning A Speech Act Theoretic Approach Stephen J. Barker 2004
  22. Speech Act Classification; A Study in the Lexical Analysis of English Speech Activity Verbs, Thomas T Ballmer, 1981
  23. Speech Act Phenomenology, Springer Netherlands, Richard L. Lanigan, 1977
  24. Speech Act Theory and Biblical Criticism Hugh C. White ed. Semeia 41 1988
  25. Speech Act Theory and Pragmatics-Springer Netherlands, John R. Searle, Ferenc Kiefer, Manfred Bierwisch, 1980
  26. Speech Acts & Literary Theory PB Sandy Petrey 1990
  27. Speech Acts Across Cultures; Challenges to Communication in a Second Language, Studies on Language Acquisition, Susan M. Gars, Joyce Neu, 2006
  28. Speech Acts and Conversational Interaction by Michael L.Geis 2006
  29. Speech Acts and Pragmatics Kent Bach 2006
  30. Speech Acts and the First Amendment by Haiman, Franklyn Saul 1993
  31. Speech Acts and the First Amendment Franklyn Saul Haiman 1993
  32. Speech Acts in the History of English Andreas H. Jucker, Irma Taavitsainen 2008
  33. Speech Acts, Mind, and Social Reality; Discussions with John R. Searle, Springer Netherlands, Günther Grewendorf, Georg Meggle
  34. Speech Acts; An Essay in the Philosophy of Language, John R. Searle, 1970
  35. Thought and Reference Clarendon Paperbacks Kent Bach 1994
  36. Toward a Linguistic Theory of Speech Acts; Academic Press, Jerrold M. Sadock, 1974
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