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Speaking Sources (References for Your Research on Teaching and Learning of Speaking)

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  1. A Course in Language Teaching Trainee Book, Cambridge Teacher Training and Development, Penny Ur, 1999
  2. A World of Teaching; Personal Journeys Through the World's English-Speaking Classrooms, John A. Hansen, Evan M. Smith, 2002
  3. Assessing Speaking; Cambridge Language Assessment, Sari Luoma, 2004
  4. Communicative Language Teaching; An Introduction, Cambridge Language Teaching Library, William Littlewood, 1981
  5. Creating a Speaking and Listening Classroom Integrating Talk for Learning at Key Stage 2, Taylor Francis, Lyn Dawes, 2010
  6. Describing Spoken English; An Introduction, Charles W. Kreidler, 1997
  7. Dialogue Activities Exploring Spoken Interaction in the Language Class (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) Cambridge University, Nick Bilbrough
  8. Discussions A-Z Advanced Teacher's book; A Resource Book of Speaking Activities, Cambridge Copy Collection, Adrian Wallwork, 1997
  9. Effective Speaking; Communicating in speech-Taylor & Francis, Christophe Turk, 1985
  10. English Language Communication Skills, Revised Edition, Himalaya Publishing House, Urmila Rai, 2010
  11. Handbook of Foreign Language Communication and Learning, Handbooks of Applied Linguistics, Volume 6, De Gruyter Mouton, Karlfried Knapp and Barbara Seidlhofer, 2009
  12. How To Teach Speaking, Scott Thornbury
  13. It's the Way You Say It; Becoming Articulate, Well-spoken, and Clear-Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Carol A. Fleming PhD, 2013
  14. Keep Talking; Communicative Fluency Activities for Language Teaching, Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers, Friederike Klippel, 1985
  15. Learning Teaching; A Guidebook for English Language Teachers, Macmillan, Jim Scrivener, 2005
  16. Oxford Basics Simple Speaking Activities-Oxford University Press, USA, Jill and Charles Hadfield, 2000
  17. Role Plays for Today; Photocopiable Activities to get students speaking, Jason Anderson
  18. Speak English It Is Easy! -Osvita Publishing, N.S. Coblence, 1962
  19. Speaking for yourself; A Guide for students, Taylor & Francis Group Routledge, Robert Barrass, 2006
  20. Spoken and Written Language, M.A.K.Halliday, 1990
  21. Spoken English Learned Quickly Student Workbook, Lynn Lundquist, 2008
  22. Spoken English, TESOL and Aplied Linguistics; Challenges for Theory and Practice, Rebecca Hughes, 2006
  23. Spoken English; A Self Learning Guide to Conversation Practice, V Sasikumar PV Dhamija, 1995
  24. Spoken English; Florish Your Language, Robert Carmen, 2010
  25. Studying Speaking to Inform Second Language Learning, Diana Boxer and Andrew D. Cohen, 2004
  26. Talk a Lot;Spoken English Course A Great New Way to Learn Spoken English Elementary Book 1, Matt Purland, 2008
  27. Talk a Lot;Spoken English Course A Great New Way to Learn Spoken English Elementary Book 2, Matt Purland, 2008
  28. Teaching and Researching; Speaking-Pearson Education ESL, Rebecca Hughes, 2011
  29. Teaching by Principles, Second Edition, H. Douglas Brown, 2000
  30. Teaching ESL EFL Listening and Speaking (Esl & Applied Linguistics Professional), I.S.P. Nation, 2008
  31. Teaching Speaking and Listening in the Primary School (3rd ed)-David Fulton Publishers, Elizabeth Grugeon, Lyn Dawes, Carol Smith,  and Lorraine Hubbard, 2005
  32. Teaching the Spoken Language, Cambridge University Press, Gillian Brown, George Yule, 1984
  33. The Practice of English Language Teaching, 3rd Edition-Longman, Jeremy Harmer, 2001
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