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English Idiom Sources

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  1. Colloquial English Phrases and Idioms, Vladovskaya, 1970
  2. Crime Fiction The New Critical Idiom, John Scaggs, 2005
  3. Discourse The New Critical Idiom, Sara Mills, 1997
  4. English Idioms and How to Use Them, 5th edition, Jennifer Seidl, 1988
  5. English Idioms Sayings & Slang, Wayne Magnuson, 2003
  6. Essential English Idioms Intermediate
  7. Essential Idioms in English Phrasal Verbs and Collocations, Robert J. Dixson, 2003
  8. Exercises on Idioms-Oxford University Press, Jennifer Seidl, 1989
  9. Fixed Expressions and Idioms in English A Corpus Based Approach Oxford Studies in Lexicography & Lexicology, Rosamund Moon, 1998
  10. How Idioms Work Resource Book, Yvonne Clarke, 2010
  11. Ideology The New Critical Idiom, David_Hawkes, 2003
  12. Idioms for Everyday Use; The Basic Text for Learning and Communicating with English Idioms, Milada Broukal, 1994
  13. Idioms in American Life, Julie Howard, 1987
  14. Idioms of Self-Interest Credit, Identity, and Property in English Renaissance Literature Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory, Jill Phillips Ingram, 2006
  15. Idioms organiser, Wright J., 2002
  16. Idioms Processing, Structure, and Interpretation, Cristina Cacciari, Patrizia Tabossi, Cristina Cacciari, Patrizia Tabossi, 1993
  17. In the Know Students book and Audio CD, Understanding and Using Idioms, Cambridge University Press, Cindy Leaney, 2005
  18. Modernism The New Critical Idiom, Peter Childs, 2000
  19. NTCs super-mini English idioms dictionary, Richard Spears, Betty Kirkpatrick, Richard A. Spears PhD, 2000
  20. Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, Judith Siefring, 2004
  21. Really Useful English Idioms, DArcy Adrian, Vallance, 2001
  22. Rethinking idiomaticity a usage based approach, Stefanie Wulff, 2008
  23. Sexuality The New Critical Idiom, Joseph Bristow, 1997
  24. Stylistics The New Critical Idiom, Richard Bradford, 1997
  25. Understanding Figurative Language From Metaphor to Idioms Oxford Psychology Series, Sam Glucksberg with a contribution by Matthew S. McGlone, 2001
  26. Verbal Idioms of the Qurân, Mustansir Mir, 1989
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