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Speaking (S1 Thesis)

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  1. The Practice of Teaching Speaking Skills at Ayertena Secondary School
  2. Audi Lingual Teaching As An Alternative Method in Teaching Speaking; An Action Research
  3. Using Role Play in Teaching Speaking (A Pre-Experimental Study at Islamic Junior High School Soebono Mantofani Jombang-Ciputat)
  4. Improving Studens' Speaking Ability by Using Role PLay; A Classroom Action Research at VII Grade of SMPN 251 Jakarta
  5. Teaching speaking through the role play (an experiment study at the second grade of MTS al-Sa'adah Pd. Aren)
  6. Improving students speaking ability using information gap activities : a classroom action research at-a grade of sma triguna utama ciputat
  7. The correlation between students' vocabulary achievement and speaking ability
  8. Improving students' speaking ability by using role play: a classroom action research at VII Grade of SMPN 251 Jakarta - Timur
  9. Error analysis on students' speaking performance : (a case study at the second year students of SMK Permata 2 Bogor)
  10. Analysis on the problems faced by English teachers in teaching speaking : (a case study at second grade Islamic Junior High School of Ruhama)
  11. Improving the effectiveness of small group learning in speaking ability : (an experiments study at second grade students of Waskito Junior High School Pamulang, Tangerang)
  12. Using English film in teaching speaking (A pre experimentasi study at SMU PGRI 3 Jakarta
  13. Correlation Between Listening Scores And Speaking Scores
  14. Using role play in improving students speaking ability
  15. Improving student's speaking ability through communication games: a classroom research in the seventh grade Junior high school of SMP YMJ (Yayasan Miftahul Janah( Ciputat
  16. Teaching speaking skill using active learning method : a case study at the seventh year of smp smart akselerasi ekselensia indonesia bogor
  17. The use of realia in teaching speaking (an experiment study at the first year of senior high school PGRI 3 Jakarta
  18. Teaching speaking through story telling : a case study at the first of amk puspita bangsa ciputat
  19. Using English Story Jokes To Facilitate The Classroom Interaction in Teaching Speaking : a case study at the second year of senior high school SMA PGRI 8 Kebun Jeruk
  20. The relatioship between student's interest in speaking and their speaking score (a correlational study at the second grade of MTsN Parung)
  21. The Correlation between liguistic intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence learning speaking for students with visual imppairment : a case study at slb pembina t.n.lebak bulus
  22. The Effectiveness Of Group Discussion In Teaching Speaking : An Experimental Study at the Second Grade of SMA IIBS,RI Cikarang
  23. The effectiveness of using quantum teaching in teaching speaking
  24. Using Role play in teaching speaking : a pre experimental study at islamic junior high school soebono mantofani jombang ciputat
  25. Teaching speaking skill through communicative language teaching
  27.  The use of role play to anhance students speaking skill (a classroom action research at second grade of SMP Darul Ma'arif Fatmawati)
  28. Improving students motivation in learning speaking by using contextual teaching and learning : a classroom action reseacr at Vii grade of mts urmanunaiah pondok arenrv
  29. The influence of role play and drills in stimulating students' motivation for learning english conversation ( A case stufy in the first grade of SMP darussalam Jakarta Selatan)
  30. Comparative analysis on choleric students and melancholic students concerning their english speaking skill
  31. A Study on communication strategies used by speaking IIIE students of English Department in Petra Christian University in conversation
  32. The Change of diction in the language spoken by Eliza in Bernard shaw's Pygmalion
  33. An Error analysis of the inflectional morphemes produced by speaking I student of the English Department of Petra Christian University
  34. An Error analysis of Indonesian verb affixes produced by English-speaking intermediate and advanced learners of Indonesian at Wisma Bahasa, Yogyakarta
  35. The Compensatory strategies used by the good and the poor students of speaking VI and speaking II of the English Departement, Petra Christian University in retelling a story in English
  36. The Generic structure potential of texts produced by a sales promotion girl speaking to her prospective customers
  37. The Types of communication strategies used by speaking class students with different communication apprehension levels of english department, Petra Christian University
  38. The Communication strategies in conversations used by the good and poor students of speaking 4 of the english department of petra christian university
  39. Humanistic strategies in the EFL speaking Class
  40. The Clitics as speech markers among Petra Christian University students of Banjarese-speaking background
  41. A study on an opening conversation between inferior and superior Chinese Indonesian speakers in a church community
  42. Communication strategies used by EFL young learners of sixth graders elementary school at Cita Hati Surabaya in speaking english to their native english speaker teacher
  43. The Study of personal pronouns used by the Chinese descendants in Speaking "Bahasa Cina peranakan" in Surabaya
  44. A Study on the grammatical errors produced by the students of speaking VI class of English Department of Petra Christian University
  45. A Study betweeen Chinese Indonesian and Javanese speakers in expression of disagreement in Surabaya

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