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Teaching and Learning English through Technology Information (English Research Sources)

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  1. Assessing Language through Computer Technology, Cambridge Language Assessment, Carol A. Chapelle, Dan Douglas, 2006
  2. Blended learning in English Language Teaching Course Design and Implementation, Brian Tomlinson and Claire Whittaker, 2013
  3. Brave New Digital Classroom; Technology and Foreign Language Learning, Georgetown University Press, Robert J. Blake, 2008
  4. Comparative Information Technology Languages, Societies and the Internet, Donna Gibbs, Joseph Zajda
  5. English in the digital age; information and communications technology (ICT) and the teaching of English-Continuum International Publishing Group, Andrew Goodwyn, 2000
  6. English Language Learning and Technology; Lectures on Applied Linguistics in the Age of Information and Communication Technology, Carol A. Chapelle, 2003
  7. Foreign; Language Learning with Digital Technology, Education and Digital Technology, Michael Evans, 2009
  8. Information Technology in Languages for specific Purposese, Elisabet Arna Maci, 2006
  9. Innovation in learning technologies for English Language Teaching, Gary Motteram, 2013
  10. Internet and Elt; The Impact of the Internet on English Language Teaching-Summertown Publishing, The British Council, David Eastment, 1999
  11. Internet English; Www-Based Communication Activities-Oxford University Press, Christina Gitsaki, Richard P. Taylor, 1999
  12. Language and Computers, Wiley Blackwell, Markus Dickinson, Chris Brew, Detmar Meurers, 2012
  13. Language, Classrooms and Computers, P. Scrimshaw, 1993
  14. Language, Technology, and Society, Richard Sproat, 2010
  15. Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching with Technology, Michael Thomas, Hayo Reinders, 2010
  16. Teaching English Language Learners through Technology; Teaching English Language Learners Across the Curriculum, Routledge, Tony Erben, Ruth Ban, Martha Castañeda, 2008
  17. Teaching Researching Computer-Assisted Language Learning-Pearson Education ESL, Ken Beatty, 2010
  18. Teaching, Technology, Textuality; Approaches to New Media (Teaching the New English), Michael Hanrahan, Deborah L. Madsen, 2006
  19. The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English Language, Svetlana Rodinadze, 2012
  20. The Multilingual Internet Language, Culture, and Communication Online, Brenda Danet, Susan C. Herring, 2007
  21. User-centered computer aided language learning-Information Science Pub, Panayiotis Zaphiris_ Giorgos Zacharia, 2006
  22. Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in World Languages, Kent Norsworthy, Grete Pasch, 2000

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