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Metaphor (Resourses)

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A metaphor is a literary figure of speech that describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object. Metaphor is a type of analogy and is closely related to other rhetorical figures of speech that achieve their effects via association, comparison or resemblance including allegory, hyperbole, and simile.
Metaphor resourses:
  1. Contexts of Metaphor, Emerald Group Publishing, Michiel Leezenberg, 2001
  2. Grammatical Metaphor, Anne Marie Simon Vandenbergen, Miriam Taverniers, Louise J. Ravelli, 2003
  3. Introducing metaphor by Know Murray, Rosamund Moon, 2005
  4. Literature, Metaphor and the Foreign Language Learner, Jonathan Picken, 2007
  5. Meanings and Metaphors Activities to Practise Figurative Language, Cambridge University Press, Gillian Lazar, 2003
  6. Metaphor (The New Critical Idiom), Routledge, David Punter, 2007
  7. Metaphor A Practical Introduction, Oxford University Press, USA, Zoltan Kovecses, 2002
  8. Metaphor A Practical Introduction, Second Edition, Zoltan Kovecses, 2010
  9. Metaphor and Corpus Linguistics (Advances in Consciousness Research), John Benjamins Pub Co, Simon C. Moore, Mike Oaksford, 2005
  10. Metaphor and Discourse, Palgrave Macmillan, Andreas Musolff, Jorg Zinken, 2009
  11. Metaphor in Context, The MIT Press, Josef Stern, 2000
  12. Metaphor in Educational Discourse (Advances in Applied Linguistics Series), Lynne Cameron, 2003
  13. Metaphors Dictionary Visible, Ink Press, Elyse Sommer, 2001
  14. Mind, Metaphor and Language Teaching, Randal Holme, 2004
  15. The Language of Metaphors Literal Metaphorical, Andrew Goatly, 1997
  16. The Metaphor of a Play Origin And Breakdown Of Personal Being, Routledge, Russell Meares, 2005
  17. The Metaphoric Process Connections Between Language and Life, Routledge, Gemma Corradi Fiumara, 1995
  18. The Rule of Metaphor The Creation of Meaning in Language (Routledge Classics), Paul Ricoeur, 2003
  19. Understanding Change Models, Methodologies and Metaphors, Andreas Wimmer, Reinhart Kossler, 2005
  20. Understanding Figurative Language From Metaphor to Idioms (Oxford Psychology Series), Oxford University Press, Sam Glucksberg, 2001
  21. What Did You Say What Do You Mean; An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Metaphors, Jessica Kingsley Pub, Jude Welton, Jane Telford, Jane Telford, 2004
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